Hottest Paint Colors for 2019


Thinking of doing some interior decorating or looking to giving your rooms a refresh this year?  Planning a renovation or a new build? Then you’ll be interested in knowing what the hottest paint colors for the year are.

The paint manufacturers have released their color forecasts for 2019. Here are the hues that are expected to make the biggest splash in 2019.

Living Coral

Living Coral: Paint company Pantone is a huge trend leader when it comes to color in interior decorating, so it was big news when they announced “Living Coral” as its 2019 Color of the Year. The orange shade with golden undertones embodies “warmth and comfort,” Pantone says.  Living Coral is a great way to add a fabulous pop of color to your space. Introducing it through small elements will brighten up a room, creating a sense of coziness that’s also fresh and chic.  Its a color with vibrant energy, so use it to liven up your room with toss cushions, throws, and rugs. In a dining area, plates and placemats  in this peachy hue will add some life to a table arrangement.Read Furniture Choice’s guide to weaving in more Living Coral into your home design.

Blueprint / Photo credit: Behr Paint

Blueprint: Paint manufacturer Behr is going with a new shade of blue for its top color choice for the year. Blueprint is a mid-tone blue that is described as warmer than denim but softer than navy. Behr is sweet on a full range of blue, teal, and grays as key color choices in 2019. “Layer light and dark blues on walls, cabinets, furniture, and decor for impactful results,” Behr suggests.

Cavern Clay / Photo Credit: Sherwin-Williams

Cavern Clay: Sherwin-Williams, another style leader when it comes to paint color, has chosen a warm terra-cotta color called Cavern Clay as its 2019 Color of the Year. The color embodies an American Southwest, modern desert aesthetic. “This warm, earthy hue is both casual and refined,” Sherwin-Williams says. “It can be the backdrop of a playful, welcoming dining room or kitchen when paired with bright tiles, warm stone, and sculptural greenery.” Its also a terrific compliment to textures like leather and woodgrains.

Metropolitan Gray / Photo Credit: Benjamin Moore

Metropolitan Gray: The gray trend we’ve seen over the last few years in interior decorating isn’t going anywhere just yet.  Benjamin Moore has chosen Metropolitan Gray as its pick for neutral color of the year. “It’s a color in the neutral spectrum that references a contemplative state of mind and design,” says Ellen O’Neill of Benjamin Moore. “Not arresting nor aggressive, this understated yet glamorous gray creates a soothing, impactful common ground.”

So if you’re fixing to have a little fun with paint color this year, you’ve now got some great new picks to put your spaces right on trend.