Sold in 2 Days – Occupied Home Staging

April 2019 – This 1980’s Riverbend home sold in just 2 days after we staged and styled it. The owner needed a fast sale and his agent strongly advised bringing us in to help make that happen. With a listing price of just under $500,000, both the agent and homeowner were concerned that the house could be slow to sell at this price point. We made recommendations for a couple of very minor and inexpensive upgrades we knew would be essential to helping buyers make an emotional connection to the home, and we specified precisely what the homeowner needed to do. The homeowner immediately implemented them. We then spent several hours going through the home room-by-room, working with the homeowners existing furniture and decor (strategically modifying, editing, deleting, rearranging, reallocating), and installed an art and accessories rental package. Within just a few hours, the home had been transformed. The homeowner was thrilled with how much more modern and appealing the home looked when we were done. The home sold in just 2 days. The homeowner was elated and immediately engaged us to furnish and accessorize the new luxury home he was moving to. The agent was so pleased that he has recommended us to the sellers of every home he has listed since, and we regularly work our magic in getting faster sales at top dollar on his listings.