Park Springs

Examples of style of furniture we would use based on current availability today.  Availability may change depending on when booking is confirmed due to the constant rotation of our inventory as we are continually staging and homes are constantly selling, so pieces are always coming in and going out.  But assuming the booking was confirmed by tomorrow, this is likely what we would use.   This furniture just recently came out of another builder’s high-end $750,000 luxury home that sold very quickly with this staging package (home shown in the photos).












PLEASE READ:  Below would be our proposal for the formal living room. We use this only in very select homes – the home requires the right combination of style and size (modern with a touch of glamor).  This is “make a statement” furniture, to enhance the home’s “wow factor”, and really make an impression on buyers. Other home stagers in this city only use this style of furniture in their highest end staging packages ($6,000-$8,000 for 1st month), however, we are willing to include it at the price we quoted you to really compliment the home’s high style  For Formal Living Room – Modern Luxury Sofa, Loveseat and Chair in grey. (This item shown for color only – see the pieces in the photos below for styling)





Not in black as shown, but in grey.