June 3, 2019

Occupied Home Staging & Styling: Sold in 2 Days




April 2019 – Occupied Home Staging :  For this occupied home, we worked with the owner’s existing furniture, but we brought in stylish accessories such as toss cushions, artwork, and other decorative items (like the silver vases on the table) to give the house a more contemporary look in keeping with current design trends.  We arranged some of the homeowners furniture, and we “edited” (removed some of their items) to streamline the look. We were able to dramatically transform the visuals of the home in just a few hours and this home, priced at just under $500,000, sold on day 2 of the listing.   The home owner spent just a few hundred dollars on our services in total and got a great offer faster than they ever expected. We styled and accessorized the entire 2,200 square foot home and changed the dining room chandelier to give the home a punch of ‘wow factor’.  Both the realtor (who recommended us to the client) and the home owner credit our work with that quick offer.   We love being able to do this for our clients and realtors!