November 9, 2017

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We’ll Style Your House to Sell Faster, and for More Money

Our affordable Winnipeg home staging services can help sell your home faster, for more money. We specialize in creating a sense of comfort and luxury that buyer’s connect with emotionally.  Regardless of your home’s price point, our styling gives homes a high-end feel which influences prospective buyers perceived value of your home.  Bottom line:  We’ll help ensure buyers fall in love with the home you are selling. Think you can’t afford home staging? With our very affordable fees, you can’t afford NOT to stage the home you’re selling. Don’t leave money on the table when you’re selling your property. Statistics prove that staged homes sell 90 percent faster – and at a 17% higher selling price than homes that are shown “as is” (RESA Home Staging Statistics Report 2016). Our services costs far less than your first price drop, and far less than a month of carrying costs on a home you want to sell.

Our clients include property investors, realtors and home owners – and we’d love to be of service to YOU.

Home Staging is *Not* Decorating

A good home stager is far more than a “decorator” or designer – they must also bring marketing expertise to the table, first and for most – because THAT is what home staging is all about: MARKETING.

People think of staging as “decorating”, but to be done well, it goes well beyond decorating. And not all stagers have that complete and unique skill set.

There are people who like to dabble in decorating as a hobby and call themselves “home stagers”.  But it takes far more than dabbling in decorating to be able to effectively stage a home to sell quickly.  Even some professional designers may not have the skills necessary to effectively stage a home to sell; staging is a highly specialized subset of interior design which also requires other very unique and specialized skills  – the design talent is only half of the equation; an intimate knowledge of buyer psychology, visual merchandising and knowledge of the real estate market is also essential in staging a home so that it sells fast. To stage a home effectively truly involves a rare and unique skill set.

Knowing how to decorate a home and knowing how to “package” it to get it sold are two very different things. Staging isn’t about simply filling a home up with things – its about understanding buyer psychology and knowing how to effectively press a buyer’s ’emotional buttons”. And that’s where an intimate understanding of marketing comes into play. Our staging team brings a combination of years of design expertise, in addition to extensive marketing expertise, plus a successful background in property investing, making us very knowledgeable and effective at what we do – “packaging” homes to sell fast, for top dollar.

When a property hits the market it becomes a “product” – to sell well, any product needs carefully planned merchandising and “packaging”. Our job is to create the “merchandising and packaging” for your property so that buyers get excited. We combine our knowledge of buyer psychology and interior design to give your property “wow factor” from the moment buyers walk through the door. That “wow factor” is what helps buyers make an emotional connection with your home, and that leads to OFFERS.

Remember the key take-away: Effective home staging is not about filling a house with “stuff”, nor is it about making a home look “lived in” (which is the approach some stagers erroneously take)–  its about understanding how to play up a home’s best features, downplay less desirable aspects, make spaces feel larger, create “wow factor” and make the house FEEL amazing from the moment prospective buyers walk in, which leads to them wanting to MOVE IN. Which is what leads to OFFERS. 

While some stagers take the approach of simply filling a house with ‘stuff’, we have the unique blend of marketing and merchandising expertise, along with design talent that presses buyers buttons!

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