October 31, 2018

What is Home Staging?

Home staging is a proven real estate strategy now widely used by home owners, property investors and realtors in the Winnipeg Real Estate market, as well as in cities throughout North America.  At any given time on the MLS here in Winnipeg, there are homes listed for sale at all price points that have been professionally staged to give them the competitive selling advantage. If your property doesn’t have the benefit of home staging, you’re not on a level playing field with your competition – and that can put your home at a definite disadvantage.  As you read through our website, you’ll see why The Winnipeg Sun has referred to us as Winnipeg Home Staging Experts”.

Staging is the art of preparing,  “packaging” and “merchandising” a home for sale with the aim of attracting the maximum number of interested buyers, so the home is sold as quickly as possible – and at  the maximum selling price possible. Home staging is about showing off your house to its fullest potential, so that prospective buyers form a very positive emotional connection to the home, which is important in moving them towards the “buy” decision.

Once a home is listed for sale, it becomes more than just a home; it becomes a product on the market. Just like with any other product, there’s a lot of competition, ranging from brand new homes with carefully appointed decor and furnishings, to the multitudes of re-sale properties in a similar price range.

Think of home staging as visual merchandising for your home – just as retailers take advantage of visual merchandising to sell their products, home owners, realtors, property investors and builders can use visual merchandising to sell their properties, through the process of home staging. Another analogy is that home staging is the product packaging for your home – the bright shiny wrapper that makes your home seem extra-appealing.  Do you know that product manufacturers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just to design the packaging that goes around their products?  There’s a reason why they do this. There is a lot of psychology that goes into product packaging, and when done correctly, the packaging sells the product more than the product sells itself. The same is true in real estate – if you want to sell your home quickly, and for top dollar, you home must have the right packaging. And that’s what we provide with our skilled home staging.

Through our professional home staging services, you, the seller, gain a competitive edge in the market. Combining merchandising with a thorough understanding of both current design trends and the psychology of the home purchasing process, we’ll create an inviting space with broad appeal to the broadest array of buyers possible.

Buyers are looking for a home that implies a lifestyle that is warm and inviting. Our designer and stylist will meet with you to assess what furnishings will be needed to showcase your empty/ vacant home. We have staging inventory that will work with any budget.

We specialize in creating a sense of comfort and luxury that buyer’s connect with emotionally. Regardless of your home’s price point, our styling gives homes a high-end feel which influences prospective buyers perceived value of your home and moves them toward a “buy” decision. 

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