November 9, 2017

Home Staging

More Than Just a Pretty Space

HOME Staging winnipeg - west st.paul dining room

“The house has sold in just 2 days.
Thank you for a great job! Will definitely be recommending you!”
– Client:  Ed Nisby, Nisby Home Renovations – January 2018

Home Staging is Visual Merchandising for Your Home


Effective home staging requires a specialized level of skill that goes well beyond “furnishing” or “decorating” a home. Home staging is a highly effective marketing strategy that increasing numbers of Winnipeg home owners, property investors and realtors are currently using to give their listings a powerful competitive edge.  Today, many of the homes you see listed on the Winnipeg MLS have been professionally staged, which means if you are not staging the home you are listing you could be putting yourself at a real disadvantage.  When done well, home staging helps buyers form an emotional connection with the home – and this is what leads to offers. Well executed home staging also makes spaces look larger, helps buyers visualize themselves living in the home,  helps prospects make sense of empty spaces, conveys an appealing lifestyle, warms up spaces and communicates a welcoming sense of comfort. It takes a highly specialized level of expertise to know how to effectively accomplish all of this.

Our Home Staging Expertise Leads to Better Offers


A good home stager is far more than a “decorator” or designer; they must also possess *marketing expertise* and *visual merchandising* expertise.  Because THAT is what home staging is all about: MARKETING.

People think of home staging as “decorating”, but when done well home staging goes well beyond “decorating”.  Not all home stagers have that complete and unique skill set.

There are people who like to dabble in decorating as a hobby and call themselves “home stagers”. But they typically don’t have the merchandising knowledge or understanding of real estate buyer psychology to know how to  style a house to SELL. And that is the entire point of home staging.

Knowing how to decorate a home and knowing how to “package” it to get it sold are two very different things.


Staging isn’t about simply filling a home up with things. Its about understanding buyer psychology and knowing how to effectively press a buyer’s “emotional buttons”.  And that’s where an intimate understanding of marketing comes into play. Our staging team brings a combination of years of design expertise, in addition to extensive marketing and merchandising expertise, plus a successful background in property investing here in Winnipeg. This makes us very effective at what we do – “packaging” homes to sell fast, for top dollar.

Home Staging is the “Product Packaging” for Your Home.



When a property hits the market it becomes a “product”.  And to sell well, any product needs carefully planned merchandising and “packaging”. Our job as home stagers is to create the “merchandising and packaging” for your property so that buyers get excited. We combine our knowledge of buyer psychology, interior design and the real estate market to give your property “wow factor” from the moment buyers walk through the door. That “wow factor” is what helps buyers make an emotional connection with your home, and that leads to OFFERS.

There are various levels of home staging, and each home has its own unique requirements.  Staging can involve making repairs and strategically planned visual upgrades to the home (example: paint and flooring), bringing in carefully chosen furnishings and accessories, or it may involve strategically removing certain items from the space (referred to as “editing).

The Key Take Away

Remember the key take-away: Effective home staging is not just about filling a house with “stuff”, nor is it about making changes just for the sake of making changes.  Its about understanding how to play up a home’s best features, downplay less desirable aspects, make spaces feel larger, create “wow factor” and make the house FEEL amazing from the moment prospective buyers walk in – so they want to MOVE IN! While some home stagers take the approach of simply filling a house with ‘stuff’, we have the necessary blend of marketing and merchandising expertise, along with design talent to press buyers buttons!

Contact us today for home staging that will get your home SOLD.  We create comfort and the look of luxury that inspires buyers to fall in love.

Home staging in Winnipeg

Check out our blog post about a home we recently staged that sold within 2 days. The realtor increased his market valuation/ recommended listing price by $20,000 after we worked our magic, and the house sold very close to list price!

We’d love to work our magic for you!  Contact Us!



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The Home Stylists Home Staging
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 2 reviews
by Steve on The Home Stylists Home Staging
Everything Looks Great

The condo looks great. Everything looks really nice. I can see that you guys are the pros!!! I feel a lot better knowing I’m in your (capable) hands. Thanks again for all your help and especially your patience with me.

by Walter on The Home Stylists Home Staging
Thank you to The Home Stylists!

My challenge was having my property up for sale during a real estate slow period. The house went on the market one week before Christmas and it needed to stand out. They asked me about my needs, made suggestions and they designed just what I needed! Sold my property in under 30 days! Staging made all the difference.