November 9, 2017

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Winnipeg Home Staging

There are times when your client’s house could use a little visual help. Maybe its that 1982 pastel floral print sofa, the framed velvet Elvis portraits in the living room, those overdone silk flower arrangements they have everywhere  –  or or all that clutter.   Whatever the case, its distracting from the home’s appeal. Today’s buyer is looking for a clean aesthetic and often is not able to look past other people’s stuff to see what a house has to offer.

But that puts an agent in a tough spot, doesn’t it? How do you gently break the news to your client that there are issues with how the house shows – which may affect its ability to sell –  without risking insulting their taste or hurting their feelings?

That’s why so many successful agents love us.  We save you from having to break the bad news to the client and let you be the hero. We’re the objective 3rd party coming in with the expertise to set their house up to sell.

We offer full home staging for vacant homes (including all furniture, art, accessories, area rugs, lamps, decor etc) as well as occupied home staging services to sharpen up the look of homes that are currently lived in. 

Our Occupied Home Staging Service will get your client’s homes looking ship-shape and photo-ready so that your listings look amazing and draw in as many showings as possible. For this, we use as much of the home owner’s existing furniture as possible and often re-arrange it to show better, as well as bring in high-style art work and accessories to modernize the look, ramp up the style, make those listing photos pop!

Occupied Home Staging

Our services for occupied staging start at just $125.  Its a small price to pay for transformation!

Call us to find out more about what we do and how we can help, or to arrange a consultation for your client today. Let us help make your job easier. 204-951-8122

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After Our Recommended Upgrades & Staging!

Winnipeg Home Staging


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