November 9, 2017

Design Consultations

Planning a new build, a renovation, or even some simple updates? Our home stylists and designers can guide you in getting the look you love. Whether you’re renovating or custom building a complete home and need help with design choices, or you’re simply updating light fixtures or installing a new tile backsplash, the choices can be overwhelming.  Good design guidance now can save you a lot of regret later.  We can help you make the choices to get the look you love.

Want to modernize or refresh the look of your home, but not even sure what it needs?  Our designers and home stylists can identify the improvements and give you update suggestions that will bring you the most visual impact for your dollar spent. We help with as much or as little as you need, from general direction, right down to recommending specific finishes for you – and even managing the work for you if that’s your preference.

We’ll Help You Turn the Home You Have Into the Home You Love

Your home is the one little spot on this entire planet that is yours, and only yours – your haven away from the outside world. Or at least, it should be a haven – a calming, soothing, tranquil place where you can just “be”.  Relax, enjoy, socialize, and truly live

But some people find that their home is missing the mark.  You know it could be so much more, but you’re not quite sure how to get it there. Its lacking that certain something. It could be as simple as the room colors and the room styling (decor), or it could be that you are feeling frustrated because you feel like you don’t have enough space or storage or the layout of certain rooms just isn’t working. Getting up and moving to a new home is far easier said than done and there are often a myriad of reasons why its not an option.  Instead, let us turn the home you have into the home you love.

No Project is to Large or too Small – and We Work With Every Budget

HOME Staging winnipeg - west st.paul dining room

We are happy to assist in all interior decorating, design and styling projects. From old home renovations, entire home makeovers, brand new construction, or just a single room.  It doesn’t matter if you need just a small project done or an entire home.  From just selecting a paint color to knocking out walls – we are the design and decor specialists you can turn to.

A few simple upgrades can be a smart way to increase the value of your home.  We can also help with the exterior of your home such as with the creation of a patio or “outdoor rooms”.

The right furniture plays a huge role in creating the look and feel of your home.  But it needs to be cohesive and make sense with the other styling features of your home.  We can help you select furniture that will give your home the look you love. Whether that means furnishing an entire room, to selecting just one new piece to bring your room in line with current style trends. And then there’s furniture placement – the right placement makes the world of difference in the feel and flow of the room.  You’d be amazed at the magic we can work with a little bit of rearranging of what you already have, or just a little bit of accessorizing (this is called “re-styling”).

 It doesn’t have to be a high dollar proposition to bring beautiful transformation to your home, and we’re not too “snobby” to take on small projects :).  Be prepared for compliments.

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