March 9, 2022

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Home Staging Isn’t JUST for Vacant Homes – We Stage & Style Occupied Homes Too!
How It Works: We work with what you already have as much as possible & delete what doesn’t work from a staging perspective. Then we bring in supplementary furniture as needed, & always a lot of high end art, & decorative accessorizes to transform your space & drive higher offers. 


Winnipeg Home Staging

Working with what is already in a home is a lot harder than starting with a blank slate, so some stagers simply don’t do it. 
Its always easier to transform a home if we’re working with all of our own high-end designer furnishings so we can stage every inch of a home with wow factor.  But we understand that sometimes its not possible to provide us with an empty home & we’re up for the challenge!  See more examples below!

Photo Below: SOLD June 1, 2022 with 6 Offers for WELL ABOVE Asking Price! Our Staging Drives More Offers, Higher Prices!

We Help Home Owners Push Up the Value of Their Home at Minimal Cost & Walk Away With More Equity
We ensure our clients homes look as good as they possibly can (often to the homeowner’s astonishment)
Because This Directly Influences Higher Selling Prices – We’ve Got a Long Track Record that Proves It!

The home owner of this home provided the review below:


Below: Listed on May 31 and SOLD!

Winnipeg Home Staging - Before and After Pictures
“The staging really made a difference! All of our friends could not believe how different our house looked after staging. We got exactly what we were hoping for on the price, so we are very happy. We never would have gotten the price we did without your help. Thank you for all your help and support!” ~ Paco & ErikaBefore and After Home Staging

Winnipeg Home Staging Before and After









This home had been on the market 72 days, with no offers, even in this hot market. The agent tried numerous times to convince the seller to have us stage it – After enough time went by with no offers, they finally they agreed. The house sold on the first showing after staging (2 days later), at the price the seller wanted. Staging SELLS houses! And our staging methods always get sellers higher selling prices. Some of our realtors estimate that the homes we stage for their clients sell for on average 20% more than they would have without the staging! These before and after photos help you understand why buyers perceive homes as being worth paying more for when we’ve staged them.




Occupied Staging: Sold in 2 days, at asking price ($500,000) – no offers date. Client was so pleased he hired us to help with the interior decor and styling on his newly constructed luxury home.


Occupied Home Staging Winnipeg

Above:  We recommended a quick paint colour change and light fixture upgrade to modernize and brighten the space, and add a punch of wow factor. We did some rearranging of items in the home and added some high end art to take this home to the next level. In a few short hours, the home was totally transformed and modernized into a space that had much higher appeal to the target buyer. For a relatively low cost, we helped get more buyers through the door and higher offers. Its not difficult to see why, look at the before and after pics – buyers will pay more for a place that looks modern and well styled than a home that looks “okay”. 

~*Vacant Staging Before & After*~

Sold for $50,000 above the $299,900 asking price; Multiple offers – Realtor’s own home (regular client)

Winnipeg Home Staging Before and AfterAbove:  The Realtor for this property (one of our regulars) urged the seller to have us stage it since they were really trying to “push the price” beyond what the comps supported.  Our staging package for this home included recommending a change in paint colour /colour consultation, as well as recommendations for replacing light fixtures in the main living area due to odd placement and mis-matching.  Then we staged the heck out of this house with high end furniture and artwork! The result? SOLD on offers day at a price that pushed the upper limits for this home. (Did we mention this home was listed during frigid cold weather and blizzard conditions in early January…? With listing photos that looked this good, buyers braved the weather to book their showings & submitted their bids!





Above: SOLD for $50K above ask (asking price was $299,900) –  in its original, untouched 1940’s condition! Even though this home was desperately in need of updates and renos, the staging SOLD IT!  The agent (one of our loyal regulars) initially told the clients to expect the home to sell below list, unless they brought us in to stage it.  They followed their agent’s expertise and were amazed and thrilled by the rapid transformation we created for minimal cost through staging.  The selling price was beyond anything they could have anticipated – $50,000 over ask for a home that was initially predicted to sell below list price if not staged. The clients were elated at the return they got on their staging investment. The sellers made their staging investment back more than 20 times.  We LOVE being able to do this for our clients!  How it worked? We helped buyers to look beyond the dated appearance of the home instead of being distracted by it – we showed them that even with its out of date features, this was a beautiful home. The staging helped to create a lot of buyer interest in the home, which discouraged low-ball offers (common when a home is in need of work), and in fact, led buyers to want the home enough to bid well above ask.





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