March 10, 2019


We make Your World more Beautiful, One Room at a time


Our Story…

We are a two person design team who, along with designing spaces for our clients to live in, stage over 100 homes a year, including for some of Winnipeg’s top producing Realtor’s.  We’ve been staging homes since 2011, and doing it as The Home Stylists since 2017.  With two decades of previous professional experience in design, marketing, merchandising and behaviorial science (as well as post-secondary education in all of the above) – and a 20 year history asproperty investors – we have a unique blend of skills and credentials that set us apart in the home staging industry and equip us to so consistently get results our clients can take to the bank

But before we make this all about business, we’ll share a little bit about our personal story because so often when we meet new clients, they share their stories with us.  Our stories shape who we are, and in our case, our most deeply personal story has turned out to be unexpectedly relevant to the business we are in.

Particularly when staging homes (as opposed to when working with our interior design clients) we are often meeting our clients at a time when some level of significant change or transition is happening in their lives, necessitating the sale of their home. Often the move they are making is emotional, precipitated by something deeply personal – a job loss or business failure, aging, an empty nest, an illness, a divorce, a death.  Of course, there are joyous reasons why people are selling and moving as well, and we have many clients in those situations. But so very often we find our heartstrings being tugged by the more difficult transitions that precipitate the call we get from new clients who are selling their home and need our help in staging it.

We understand about life’s changes from personal experience (in our case, quite sudden and unanticipated), and the emotional journeys involved – to say nothing of the logistics of dealing with those changes.  We launched The Home Stylists after emerging from a very painful 10-year journey personally caring for a much-loved family member with a terminal degenerative disease.  We dedicated ourselves to providing the very best of care and quality of life at home, rather than sending her to a personal care home, and there is no sugar-coating the burden this involves. While it was unquestionably the most difficult and painful experience (a full decade of it) we’ve ever been through, and it came with much sacrifice, it was also the best thing we’ve ever done.  But the fact is, during that ten year journey, we dealt with heartbreak on a daily basis. When a loved one has a degenerative illness, they die in slow motion right before your eyes every single day, over a prolonged period of time. And it is excruciating to witness. The memories of the darkest moments never leave you, and its something you will never really get over.

When that decade-long journey came to an end, it was difficult to imagine that we would ever find a way to wake up in the morning and feel excited about anything again. For so long we had known only sorrow. But to make a long story as short as possible, with the launch of The Home Stylists in 2017, we emerged from the darkness and have been very blessed to have built a successful business doing what we are excited and inspired by – every day.  We like to think of what we do as “making the world more beautiful, one house at a time”.  Its a sharp contrast to the ten -year period of daily sorrow that preceded it, and there is something almost poetic about it. We meet so many wonderful clients whom we genuinely pour our hearts into helping, and it is an honour to know that they place their trust in us, particularly if their need to sell and stage their home is due to going through their own difficult life changes.  We have been there. We feel it. Though the specifics of our circumstances may differ, we understand exactly how hard it can sometimes be to deal with the sale of a home and often a lifetime of memories when life brings change.  We genuinely want to ensure the very best outcomes for each and everyone of our clients and we put everything we’ve got (our experience, expertise, qualifications, education, skill – and our hearts) into giving them the most powerfully effective staging possible to ensure the highest possible return on their staging investment (good staging will never cost you money, it will always make you money).  Very often, on some level, we see ourselves in our clients, and providing them with the best service and staging possible becomes very personal for us, especially as they share they stories with us. 

As a husband and wife team, we consider ourselves blessed to be working together every day, doing what we are both inspired by. We have come out of the darkness of personal tragedy and feel we’ve been guided to what we are meant to be doing – something we so strongly believe in, and which has such a tangible impact on our clients.

What we want you to know is, what we do everyday for our clients is more than a business for us. Its our genuine honour and pleasure to have the opportunity to be of service to you – whatever your story and your reason for staging and selling. 💗

 Now On to Business….
Whether you are staging a home to sell for maximum ROI, building a new home, or looking for help transforming the home you live in to the home you love, we’ve got the talent, training, skills and experience to give you the results you’ll want. In in addition to successfully staging many millions of dollars worth of homes since 2011 (over 100 properties per year), our credentials include university level design training (U of M Faculty of Environmental Studies, Department of Architecture), many years of teaching design to other professionals within the design industry, as well as 20 years of marketing and merchandising experience implementing applied behavioural science principles (buyer psychology) AND 20+ years of experience as property investors ourselves – all of which is extremely relevant to effective home staging.  In her previous design-related career, Linda acheived international recognition and was frequently quoted in major media including USA Today, The New York Times, the New York Daily News, Consumer Reports Magazine, Chatelaine magazine, The Chicago Tribune and many others. She was also approached to host her own television show for the E! Entertainment Network, invited to appear as an expert on 20/20 (ABC televsion network) and offered a book deal by a major publishing company – all of which she declined for personal reasons.

Whether you are in need of home staging or interior design services, we custom-tailor our service to YOUR specific needs and budget – because no two clients, projects or homes are ever alike.  You’ll appreciate our friendly, personalized service; our attention to detail; our professionalism, our passion – and the priority we place on creating an exceptional customer experience for every client. And…. our rates are very reasonable! Reach out to us – we’ll help you turn the home you have into the home you LOVE, or if you’re selling, we’ll help you sell fast – for more money! Call Us! 204-390-8979

“Chris and Linda were brought in by our custom home builder to do the design work on the kitchen for our new home and we couldn’t be happier. They reviewed the builder’s kitchen plan and made improvements to the layout and flow of the kitchen, catching issues in the way the the kitchen was origonally laid out by the draftsman. Without their involvement and improvements, the kitchen would have been built that way and we would have ended up very disappointed with it. After they reconfigured certain key aspects of the kitchen layout we ended up with a design that had much better flow, visuals and functionality, which we were thrilled by.  Our builder also had them assist us in selecting all of the finishes for our kitchen (cabinets, counters, colors, etc) and it all turned out better than we have even envisioned.  We were so impressed by their expertise that, at our realtor’s recommendation, we also had them stage our previous home when we were selling – get this:  it sold in one day, with 12 offers, $72,000 above our $299,900 asking price in November (2020). Chris and Linda are ROCK STARS as far as we are concerned!”

Our Qualifications and Credentials

We are a two-person design team with experience in new home design, residential construction and detailing;  renovations; interior design and decorating, home styling, home staging; and property investing.   Our background in residential design and decor reaches back through 20 years as property investors where we handled the design and project management for every one of our projects, including luxury new-builds as well as property rehabilitation (“flips”).  But before that, one of us studied design at U of M in the Department of Architecture (Faculty of Environmental Studies), and the other took courses in architectural drafting.  Yet, somehow, although we both shared the same passion for real estate and design from a very early age, we each initially ignored the calling and went on to successful careers in other fields (Linda became an internationally recongnized wedding expert, and Chris graduated from U of M with an honors degree in Computer Science, and went on to a successful career with Fortune 500 companies. And then together we ran a successful international business for many years in a sub-sector of the design field, before eventually figuring out what we were really meant to be doing. 

Finally it was time to do what truly inspired us. After emerging from a difficult and painful 10 year year personal journey caring for a loved one with a terminal degenerative illness, and dealing with heartbreak on a daily basis, we feel very blessed to now be working together doing what are both truly passionate about  every day, combining our love for real estate with our skills in design and marketing to help our clients sell their homes faster, for more money. We truly feel that we have come out of the darkness of personal tragedy and were guided to do what we are meant to be doing.  

All of the experience we gained through our previous careers and business has proved invaluable as we now apply everything we learned in those years about design, marketing, merchandising and behavioral science throughout the years to produce “powerfully effective home staging that gets results”, as our slogan says. 

We’ve been staging homes since 2011, and launched The Home Stylists brand in 2017.  We stage over 100 properties every year, in addition to providing interior design services to so many amazing clients.

Our Dynamic

Coming from diverse educational and professional backgrounds, we each bring unique skills that complement that of the other.  Each of us applies their own perspective and specialized skill-set to every project, providing our clients with a high level of combined expertise.  One of us leans much more towards the creative (Linda), while the other more towards the analytical (Chris), providing a powerful synergy. We work with individual home owners, Realtors, custom builders, property management companies and property investors to create beautiful residential spaces whether in the context of home staging or full-on-interior design. 

Where home staging and property styling is concerned, we bring an extensive background and decades-long track record in marketing and merchandising, buyer psychology, behavioural science and of course,  design –  all of which are powerful contributors to truly effective home staging that gets results.

We also have an in-depth understanding of the meaning and importance customer service. In fact we literally “wrote the book” on the subject – our previous business involved 15 years of developing internationally recognized training programs on topics which included customer service, marketing, and design for a specialized sector of design professionals.  So its safe to assume we consider it a priority to deliver a customer experience that exceeds your expectations.

We’d love to be of service to you! Please use the navigator bar at the top of the page to learn more about our different areas of design services.

Some of our services include: 

  • Floor-plan Rendering
  • Computerized 3-D Home Plan Models
  • Lighting Design
  • Electrical Plans
  • Furniture placement
  • Project Management
  • Color Consultation
  • Design Consultation
  • Property Styling
  • Exterior Styling
  • Outdoor space design
  • Property Merchandising
  • Furnishing and Staging
  • Selection of Furniture, Art, Accessories
  • Procurement and Curation
  • New Home Design
  • Occupied Home Staging and Styling
  • Vacant Home Staging and Styling
  • Full or Partial Home Staging
  • Home Staging Consults on Behalf of Realtors
  • Home Staging Consults direct to the Home Owner
  • Listing Photo Styling
  • Outdoor Staging and Upkeep

“My house looks so beautiful now. I feel like I am living in a show home.  Thank you for all your help.”
~ Imelda and Ernest, Amber Trails