October 27, 2018

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1st week of July 2024 – Sold for $61,000 Over the $415,000 Asking Price, With FOURTEEN OFFERS to the delight and amazement of the Home Owner, who credits our staging for this astounding selling outcome!  The listing price was appropriate for the home based on the comparables in the area, but multiple buyers were willing to pay considerably more because of the way we staged this home to generate desire within potential buyers. See what this client said in her own words, in the review below the photos.

Winnipeg Home Staging Reviews



We are honoured to stage for some of the most prestigious names in the Winnipeg real estate market & the home building industry; our regular clients include one of the oldest and largest home building and development companies in western Canada, the builder of this recently staged spec home (June 2024).  Why? Because they know that they sell faster and make more money when we stage their homes!


Spring 2024 – Staged & SOLD! in Fort Richmond



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Luxury Custom New Build – Another FAST Sale (just over 30 days) in the Luxury $1 Million Market for yet ANOTHER one of our Luxury Home Builder Clients. “
Chris, you were right about everything. The house looks SPECTACULAR. Thank you for your amazing work” – Andy (Luxury Home Builder)



St Boniface Condo Sold at an Unprecedented Price (in a Less Than Optimal Condo Market!) – August 2023:  The realtor (one of our regulars) of this condo doubted it could sell for the price the seller wanted (almost $600,000 for a 2 bedroom unit – not a new building), so she called us in to try to stack the deck in the seller’s favour. We were very confident, based on our highly successful track record, that we could stage this to sell within a month, though the realtor remained highly skeptical due to the listing price…. It was sold in 30 days as a cash deal (no conditions) with a fast possession just 7 days later – the ideal sales outcome.  Neighbours gave us very kind compliments on the staging when we returned to remove our inventory and expressed their astonishment at the price, which was unprecedented for the building and the area in general.


Luxury Staging –
Wow, the house looks so good. I wish it had always looked like this when we were living here. Thank you!” ~ Client


Luxury Display Suite in Newly Built Complex – Building Sold Out in One Month


Spring 2024 – Successfully Sold on Offers Day, Above Ask With Multiple Offers!



Successfully Sold During Market Slump at Beginning of Interest Rate Hikes – I was BLOWN away! The home showed incredibly well with their beautiful work & attention to detail. We had so many complements on the staging from various realtors and all of the feedback was overwhelming. The home SOLD quickly in this now more challenging 2023 market with an offer we couldn’t refuse. I couldn’t be more pleased with The Home Stylists! I’m happy to have found such a dedicated team which I’m excited to work with again in the future!  Thank you Chris & Linda! ” ~ Stacey Ayotte, Client  (See more of our reviews on Google)


Sold in 1 Hour!  – July 2023  Mid-Century Style – “We had seen a home Chris and Linda had staged which was just stunning, so when we were preparing to sell our house we asked our realtor if he could track down who staged it. We were so excited when we were put in contact with Chris and Linda.  It was important to us that the staging be true to the home’s mid-century era, and they knocked it out of the park. The attention to detail was well beyond our expectation. The use of colour was stunning (really made our listing photos pop on the MLS which our agent said is why we got such a high number of showings). The staging was AMAZING, amazing, AMAZING. We knew the staging would be good, but we didn’t expect it to be THIS good. The house sold in ONE HOUR. Unconditional, cash deal (half million dollar price range). Enough said. Thank you so much Chris and Linda, the Home Stylists! We are really happy and appreciative for all your help!” – Mike and Krista



 Tuxedo Listed at $1.5 Million –  “Everyone loves the staging; So many people are commenting on it! We love your furniture, really high end!” ~ Realtor



Luxury Builder’s Show Home:  Summer 2023 –  This luxury builder’s show home successfully enabled the builder to secure contracts  with clients for several custom new-builds during the period of time it was staged and on the market during summer 2023.



$1.1 Million Dollar Luxury Show Home, East St.Paul (Repeat Client, Luxury Home Builder).  Sold in 30 days – a fast sell rate for the million+ dollar price range!



Sold in 14 Days (Multiple Offers) After Staging and Re-Listing –  September 2023 – This home was previously on the market un-staged for close to a full listing cycle before the seller withdrew it and brought us in to stage it.  The vendor was so discouraged that they didn’t even get a “low-ball” in all the time it on the market before staging.  As part of our staging recommendations, we suggested a couple of fast, easy and inexpensive cosmetic improvements we knew would improve the selling outcome, and they did exactly what we advised – THEN we staged this house to show it off to its full and highest potential.  This house went from not even garnering a low ball offer in a couple of months on market during the peak season, to having TWO offers and a fast sale within 14 days of staging (a fast closing date was a bonus as well!). Previously the Realtor had told the seller they’d have to substantially drop their asking price to stand any chance of getting it sold, but instead the staging brought them two offers quickly, without any change to the original asking price.



Classic East St. Paul – The delightful owner of this home loved the way we transformed her vacant home  – “This is CRAZY!” she told us when she saw her home after we staged it, “I LOVE, love, LOVE this!!!”  Due to an unexpected change in personal circumstances the family chose not to proceed with putting their home on the market.


Million Dollar Listing ~Sold in ONE Day~ Tuxedo (Traditional Style) Summer 2023: We were brought in at the recommendation of one of our regular realtors to give this 1980s home in Tuxedo a more updated, on-trend vibe through our strategic staging. The realtor advised his client that without our involvement it would be a challenge to hit the million dollar mark on this occupied home with its very traditional feel which may not appeal to today’s young, high income professional. We knew precisely how to marry modern with traditional to amp up excitement for the target buyer. We directed the homeowner to remove certain pieces, while working with as much as what we could as possible; then we did some strategic rearranging and styling.. and very importantly, we brought in some strategically chosen pieces of modern furniture from our inventory, along with some amazing high-end modern art to make a statement.  This ‘hybrid’ style of staging requires a specialized skill set, so not all stagers do it, but we thrive on the challenge! Selling any home in the million dollar price range rarely happens in just one day, especially when a bit dated or quite traditional – but through skilful and strategic staging, we hit a home run!



July 2023 – Condo Sold in 10 Days in a Complex Where the Average Selling Time is Over 40 Days

Via Google Review: “I knew going in that selling my condo in this economy was going to be a” hard sell (pun intended) however I’m convinced that, in large part, my success was due to using The Home Stylists, a company recommended to me by my realtor. The team there was incredibly efficient, an absolute dream to work with and very reasonably priced. My condo sold within 10 days of being on the market – the average in my condo complex is nomally over 40 days. Totally recommend!” – Sylvie Laurencelle, Ft Richmond (See more of our reviews on Google)



Sold Above Ask With Multiple Offers on Offers Date! – Sept 12, 2024 -$434,900 List Price



June 2023 – Just Completed!  Builder’s ‘Show Home’ (Side by Side)  UPDATE  – Sold in 12 Days With *No Offers Date*!



Condo – Sold in 3 Weeks (May 2023) in a Tough Condo Market  – Agent Significantly Increased Her Opinion on Listing Price After Seeing the Staging, and Seller Was Thrilled With the Selling Price. The seller is a repeat client of ours – she calls us in every time she is selling a property because she knows the difference OUR staging makes when it comes to pulling the maximum amount of equity out of her properties by increasing the perceived value and appeal, selling faster, and at the highest possible price .


“You were recommended to me by another realtor who I highly respect and she said you’re the only home staging company she uses.  She told me you always do amazing work.  Chris, I really like your staging. I can see how your staging is different from other staging companies. The house looks so beautiful now that it is staged, thank you so much.  – Nehdi Sharma, Realtor


Summer 2022“Thank you so much!  You made the house so beautiful! The staging made very big difference. We can see why your staging gets higher selling price. Thank you so much for everything” – Artur



September 2022 – $800,000 Luxury Show Home in East Selkirk – SOLD During Market Slowdown, in Under 60 Days, Just Under List!



January 2023 – Fast Sale During the Slow Season – for one of our regular, repeat Realtors who knows that our staging always gets houses sold faster, for higher prices



March 2021 – After this newly developed basement unit in an apartment building sat vacant for an extended period time despite many viewings, we were brought in to stage it – and it was rented in under a week to the 2nd party who viewed it. “The staging looked great. Better staging than any of the other stagers we’ve worked with in the past”,  said the company’s Marketing Director who has since become a very frequent client.


November 2021 – 
Before we were brought in to stage it, this condo sat unsold through an entire listing cycle – the client had ignored the agents advice to have us stage it before it went on the market.  When re-listing, the agent insisted the seller have us stage it, knowing from experience that our staging would get it sold. We staged it and it sold in under 30 days, right before the holiday season!



Luxury Show Home in La Salle, July 2022 – One of Loyal Luxury Home Builder Clients, for whom we are their exclusive home stager.  As a regular, repeat client who has been entrusting us with their staging needs for years, this Luxury Builder knows that their homes always sell faster, for higher prices when staged by us.



June 2022 – Luxury Staging in Lindenwoods = SOLD! “We are so thrilled with the staging. The house looks beautiful!  You have been the topic of conversation all weekend long among our friends and family. Everyone has been so impressed by what you’ve done with the house! Thank you so much! for your excellent service and expertise.” 


July 2022 – 1960’s Westwood Bungalow – Priced High and Sold With Staging!


Luxury Apartments Rent Fast When We Stage Them –  
This building was struggling with filling vacancies until they brought us in to stage this display suite – in just a few weeks they had filled tall heir empty units. Mission accomplished.



Luxury Level/ Deluxe Staging Package – Sold on the 3rd Showing! September 2022  This 1980s Lindenwoods home was dated and without staging would have lacked appeal to today’s buyer. The overall end result was a dramatic transformation on a home which otherwise would have been viewed as very dated. It sold on the 3rd showing.


Top Level Luxury Staging Package – August 23, 2022  – Sold on Offers Day With Multiple Offers in Sage Creek!   (Realtor’s Personal Home)
With Our Expert Staging, Homes We Stage Are Still Attracting Multiple Offers and Selling Fast, Above Ask – Even in this transitioning market!   We’re the staging company so many Realtors choose when selling their own homes.



Iles Des Cheins Country House – Summer 2023 Sold on Offers Day! Multiple Offers!



Condo, 55 Nassau – SOLD November 2022


Sold in January 2023…. in Spite of Frigid Weather & a Frigid Market!  When We Stage ‘Em, They SELL!


September 2022 –  Sold in Two Days, on the 3rd Showing, for ABOVE ask – with no “offers date” (2 of the 3 showings resulted in competing offers), despite this uncertain market. 
“The house is already sold! You staged it on Tues, photos went up Thurs, and it sold on Saturday! Wow! Not bad!! It was definitely your staging that made this happen” – Donna, Client  (1950’s Bungalow in St.Vital)


December 2021 –
“We received many compliments on the staging. Everyone who saw the house said how good the staging looked. It sold on offers day for $30,000 over our asking price.” – Client


January 2021 – Staged & Sold in Under 21 Days – $800,000 
We were called in at the recommendation of one of Winnipeg’s most recognized Realtors who has been calling on us for years.  It was urgent that this home be sold fast and at a price that was pushing the upper limits. He knew our staging would trigger the best and highest offers… and it sold quickly at the seller’s desired price.


November 2021
– Display Unit in Corydon Village 1930’s Era Apartment Building



We Stage Display Suites Too! We are the exclusive stager for some of the city’s larger property management companies who depend on us to help them fill their vacancies. How do we do that?  We turn very ordinary apartment suites that aren’t getting renter interest into stunning spaces that attract premium tenants. Then, as one corporate client put it, “Suites are renting like crazy!”



July 2021 – This high-rise apartment building was struggling with a high vacancy rate UNTIL we were brought in to stage a display suite, at which point everything turned around. With our staging installed, vacant suites in the building began “renting like crazy” the marketing director happily reported, and the company is keeping us busy with designing and styling display suites for many of their other buildings through out Winnipeg.


High-End Luxury Show Home – 2300 sq ft
– We are the exclusive stager for this high-end luxury home builder who has us stage all of his show homes year after year, and has referred other custom builders to us.


June 1, 2022 – Staged & Sold with SIX Offers, Well Above the $549,900 Asking Price! Our Staging Brings Better Offers!
Click to the end for stunning “Before & After” Photos!


September 2021 – We regularly stage apartment units and display suites in buildings ranging from modest to luxury level, but we make even the most economical units/buildings look high end, like this sweet suite in an 1940’S era walk-up in the heart of St.Boniface.  Large Property Management Companies depend on us to deliver a healthy return on their staging investment, so can be confident we’ll do the same for you.


December 2021 – Staged & Sold on Offers Day With Multiple Offers, $35K Over Asking Price