June 22, 2023

Condo Staging Winnipeg

Winnipeg Home Staging and Condo Staging Winnipeg

Tough Condo Market?  Not when we stage them! As Winnipeg Home Staging experts, we’ve got a strong and consistent track record for very successful selling outcomes on the condos we stage in Winnipeg and the surrounding area (Iles des Cheines, Stonewall, Selkirk, Niverville, Lorette, Headingly, West St.Paul and the list goes on) . Since 2017 we’ve never had a condo that didn’t sell quickly, at a price the home owner was very happy with, once we staged it. In fact, we are often called in to re-stage condos that were staged by other stagers but did not sell. In direct side by side comparisons we dramatically outperform our competitors in terms of speed of sale and selling price when there are two identical condos on the market in the same complex, at the same time, and same price point. How do we so consistently get these results? We are unique among Winnipeg home stagers in that we bring 30 solid years of expertise in marketing, combined with formal training in behavioural science (buyer psychology) AND formal design education (university level) – plus decades of professional design experience. Its this unique skill set that equips us to so consistently produce outstanding selling outcomes for our clients.

Above: Sold in 3 weeks in June 2023. The seller is a repeat client of ours and knew from past experience with us that they could sell much faster, for a higher price, if they had us stage it.  Before seeing the staging, the realtor wanted to list this 1 bedroom 650 sq ft East Kildonan condo for just under $100,000 much to the home owner’s disappointment — but once it was staged the realtor agreed to list at $125,000. It was sold within 3 weeks at exactly the price the client wanted, and she fully attributes the success of the sale directly to the staging. See the “before” photo below:


55 Nassau – Sold in Under 30 Days At A Price the Seller Was Very Happy With
While Another Unit on the Market at the Same Time, in the Same Building Sat Unsold

for MONTHS, through Multiple Listing Cycles.  THAT’s the Difference Our Staging Makes!
(Read the Full Back Story Below!)

The Back Story:  Shortly after this unit went on the market in downtown Winnipeg (fully staged by us), another unit on a higher floor with a much better view also went on the market, un-staged.  The two units were comparable (except for the view) and were on the market at the same time – but the one we staged sold within 30 days… while the other listing sat unsold for over 90 days, then expired and was briefly de-listed. The agent lost the listing, and the condo was re-listed with another agent about a week later – with virtual staging. Still the condo sat unsold for an extended period (months), languishing. Virtual staging is not a substitution for real staging, and in fact, has many pitfalls. It may get prospects in the door, but they feel “let down” once they are at the empty property because it looks nothing like the “staged” photos. Feeling “let down” definitely doesn’t trigger the “buy” signal. Conversely, when a prospect walks into a property we’ve staged, they love it even more in person than in the photos – because the ‘wow factor’ we create through home staging continues through the visceral in-person experience.  This triggers a positive emotional response in the prospect, which causes them to connect with the property – and that leads to faster and better offers, and higher selling prices.   The bottom line is simple – having us stage your property will always lead to a more successful sale – better, faster offers and a higher selling price. Its proven in our real world side by side comparisons, by our track record for very successful selling outcomes, and backed by industry statistics.

       On the market for close to 90 days before we staged it,
this condo sold in two days, on the 2nd viewing after staging.

Backstory: This small basement condo unit in River East Winnipeg sat unsold for nearly an entire listing cycle (90 days) before the seller finally decided to have us stage it.  It sold within 2 days after we staged it.  We took an empty, uninspiring space and made it come alive with our signature style home staging, which incorporates specific techniques that help buyers to connect emotionally with the space – and that triggers faster offers, and higher prices. The seller had been considering staging from the outset, but their realtor said it wasn’t necessary. Even realtors sometimes under-estimate the power that really well-executed professional home staging will have on the selling outcome of almost any property.   


Sold in TWO DAYS, $15,000 Above Ask – No Offers Date! Grosvenor Condo

Its a rare occurance for a Winnipeg condo to sell so quickly, above ask, with competing offers when there isn’t an “offers date”
to move buyers along.  Neither the realtor or the seller thought this condo stood a change of selling on an “offers” date,
so they didn’t bother. They were both amazed with the selling outcome, and credit the staging with the success.


Sold in 2 Days! (First Showing After Staging) – Ils Des Chein Condo
Had been on the market for weeks with no offers before we were called in to stage it!
Located just outside Winnipeg in Ils Des Chein – We don’t just offer home staging in Winnipeg!


Sold in 1 Day, on First Showing – Fort Gary, Winnipeg.
The buyer said, “That staging was amazing!”
Winnipeg Condo Staging


Sold in 3 Weeks in December – the worst time of year to be on the market in Winnipeg
River Avenue Condo (Converted Historic Christian Science Temple)

This River Avenue condo in Osborne Village (Winnipeg) had previously been on the market
through multiple listing cycles with no success.
The vendor then changed agents – to one who regularly recommends us because he knows the difference our
home staging makes in terms of getting the best selling outcome. On his recommendation the vendor had us stage it
before going back on market — and it was SOLD within 3 weeks!


Sold in 3 Weeks in the midst of a January Deep-freeze – Ils Des Chein
Winnipeg Condo Staging


Sold in 3 Weeks at a Price the Seller Was Elated With – Tuxedo – November
Winnipeg Condo Staging


Sold in Under 21 Days – Dalhousie Drive Condo
An identical condo directly across the hall went on market a few days before this one, at
a lower price – but with our staging this one sold while the other unit sat unsold for several months.
Winnipeg Condo Staging


Sold in Under 30 Days – Towers at 3000 Pembina Hwy., Winnipeg
The Back Story:  An identical unit (with a better view) 2 doors down was staged by another well known
Winnipeg home stager and went on market a couple of weeks before this one (staged by us).
The other unit, staged by another Winnipeg home stager, remained on the market
long after this one sold, and  eventually that other listing expired unsold.
Moral of the story? All staging is not created equal, and not all home stagers get the same results,
even with identical properties in the same location and on the market at the very same time .


Sold in Under 30 Days – Tuxedo
The Realtor was so impressed after seeing the staging, he increased his suggested listing price and
the condo sold quickly for more than the vendor thought possible.Winnipeg Condo Staging


Sold in 2 Days – Tuxedo,  Realtor-Owned Condo
Some of the city’s most recognized names in real estate have us stage their own properties (and those
of their clients) – because they know our staging consistently results in faster sales & higher prices.

Condo Staging Winnipeg


We don’t just stage homes – we work with some of Winnipeg’s largest property management companies who say that
our staging commands higher rents and gets properties sold faster than with any of the other
Winnipeg home stagers they’ve used
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