Home Staging a Winnipeg Condo – Difficult Property SOLD Fast with Staging

 After sitting on the market unsold for extended time, this condo sold quickly after the Realtor urged the vendor to have us stage it.


We were called in by one of our loyal Realtors to stage this condo in a historic building on River Ave.  Previous attempts to get it sold  before we staged it, were unsuccessful. The listing expired unsold more than once. The seller then changed to a different Realtor – one of our loyal regulars who has the expertise to fully understand the power of good staging and is very familiar with our strong track record for getting results our clients take to the bank. Before going back on the market again, the Realtor strongly advised his client to have us stage it.  The client wasn’t initially enthusiastic about the idea, but ultimately trusted his Realtor’s expertise & guidance so we were brought in to stage it.


Home staging winnipeg condo

Home staging by The Home Stylists in a Winnipeg condo

The agent described the dramatic results our methods of home staging have gotten for his other clients in the Winnipeg condo market, as well as homes in Winnipeg area (including a property that was listed for 72 days with no offers, and sold on the first showing after we staged it – just 2 days later). The client was persuaded. We staged the condo and it sold in 3 weeks at the price the seller wanted, despite it being close to Christmas, a notoriously slower time for real estate transactions. What a contrast to the seller’s prior attempts to sell this same property, where it languished on the market, unsold, for an extended period of time, with at least one expired listing cycle.

Challenges This Condo Faced

One of the downsides of this condo which made it a harder sell was that it is very small, so we used home staging strategies that actually made the space look larger (yes, we can do that with effective home staging techniques). We also staged it to feel really comfortable and inviting so that potential buyers felt really good in the space during showings. We also applied strategies that lead buyers to emotionally connect with the space when they are in it. It obviously worked based on the quick sale as compared to the previous attempts to sell when it was not staged and remained unsold.

Another drawback to this condo was that there was no parking space included, which made it a much harder sell. We really needed to work magic to play up the best features of this condo to help buyers get past that, so we focused on painting an alluring lifestyle through our proven home staging techniques. 

And finally, the bedroom in this compact condo has no window to the outdoors (only a window that looks into the hallway in the unit); this came across as a negative feature when the condo was previously on the market before we staged it – the bedroom seemed like a stark, cold chamber. We turned it into a cozy, comfy, restful retreat. Even I wanted to snuggle in and have a nap after we staged it –  potential buyers apparently found it just as inviting.

Bedroom in Winnipeg Condo with Home Staging by The Home Stylists


Bedroom before home staging by the Home Stylists, Winnipeg - taken from a different vantage point

Bedroom before home staging by the Home Stylists, Winnipeg – taken from a different vantage point

And BINGO! SOLD in under 30 days!  It looked so good when we were done staging it we were tempted to buy it ourselves! (A common situation we encounter after transforming a property into something amazing through home staging – its a workplace hazard when you are home stagers who happen to also be real estate junkies, like we are!).  

From the moment we saw this condo, we saw its full potential and knew how to stage it so buyers would see it also. We were completely enchanted by this beautiful historic building that had been converted to modern condos that honored the historic architecture. We were so happy to have the opportunity through our proven home staging techniques to show buyers the full potential of this little gem in downtown Winnipeg, which led some lucky buyer to discover their perfect place.

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