One Million Dollar Home: We Staged It and… It Sold on Offers Day! (June 2023)

We stage every type of property at every price point – from modest $150,000 condos all the way up to multi-million dollar luxury homes, and everything in between – and always with above average selling outcomes.  Selling a property in the million dollar plus price range can often be more of a challenge since they are simply fewer buyers in that segment of the market, yet we have a very strong track record for delivering excellent selling outcomes for million dollar plus homes with our proprietary staging strategies.  Here is one very recent example from June 2023 – a slightly dated home in Tuxedo, built in the 1980s. The home owner needed to remain living in the home while it was on the market, so we needed to work with as much of their furniture as we could. Their anitques were beautiful, yet they were not what appeals to today’s young, high income professional – the target buyer for this home. We needed to quickly amp up the appeal for the target market. We strategically replaced some of the home owner’s furnishings and decor with our staging furniture to give the home a more modern vibe, and amplify its high-end feel. We also re-arranged and re-purposed some of what the home owner had in the home.

Even though this home started out feeling dated, with our staging strategies,  it SOLD ON OFFERS DAY at its million dollar price point – which is considered to be a very fast sale rate at that price point. Both the realtor and the homeowner gave credit to the staging strategy we implemented for this very successful selling outcome. 

See the “before and after” photos below:

Before Staging


After Staging

This photos above of the dining room are just one an example of the transformation we created throughout the entire home. By removing the home owner’s highly traditional dining chairs and replacing them with very modern, high-end chairs from our staging inventory, and adding some high-end modern art from our collection, we were able to give this home a much more modern vibe. And we enhanced its high-end feel so that it appealed to the widest possible pool of buyers (including young, high income earners who otherwise would have been turned off by the home’s very traditional feel and highy traditional furnishings).  Our strategy obviously worked, as both the realtor and homeowner were elated that it sold on offers day at the $1 million price point.

Now Take a Look at a Brand New $1.1 Million Builders Show Home We Staged That Sold Within 30 Days
– a Fast Sell Rate for a Home at the Million+ Dollar Price Point.”

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