Park Springs

Examples of style of furniture we would use based on current availability today.  Availability may change depending on when booking is confirmed due to the constant rotation of our inventory as we are continually staging and homes are constantly selling, so pieces are always coming in and going out.  But assuming the booking was confirmed Read more about Park Springs[…]


We had so much fun working on this luxury new build in Headingly with its modern-European design.  What an exciting project to be a part of!                  


Dining Room Dining Chairs A beautiful, tailored look to enhance and compliment the elegance of the dining room. A timeless and classic silloutte with its graceful curves and elegant tufting, it offers a “dressed up” look, without being “overly” formal.  A luxurious yet very comfortable look.                   Read more about Saddelridge[…]

Our Staging Process: What Goes Into Staging a Home, Behind the Scenes

ON-SITE VISITS & DRAFTING THE PROPOSAL When a client calls, whether first-time or repeat clients, we generally have a brief conversations to get a sense of the scope of the project. This is also a pre-screening process to see if we would be a good fit with their project. After the initial phone conversation we Read more about Our Staging Process: What Goes Into Staging a Home, Behind the Scenes[…]