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Our home staging methods are PROVEN to bring better offers, faster. The homes we stage *consistently* sell for higher prices. We instantly increase the value of your home so that buyers make better bids. With two decades of professional design experience, formal design training, and a 20 year background in marketing, we are experts at transforming homes to sell for maximum selling price. As home stagers we have a rock-solid track record for staging homes to sell since 2011. It is this specialized level of expertise and experience which explains why many of Winnipeg's top Realtors recommend us as their stager of choice. We don't just make your home look pretty - we get RESULTS you can take to the bank. Statistics show that staged homes sell for up to 20% more. The average ROI on staging is 584%. As Winnipeg's home staging experts, we frequently exceed those figures for our clients. Get more equity out of your home with home staging that gets results. We offer home staging for every budget. Call us now for a free home staging quote and consultation: 204-390-8979
Go to Sell Faster

Sell Faster

According to Forbes Magazine and The National Association of Realtors, Home Staging helps sell homes 87% faster than homes without staging.

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Higher Selling Price

A staged home will sell for 17% more on average than a non-staged home, according to Forbes Magazine and The National Association of Realtors

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More Showings

The homes we stage in Winnipeg attract strong interest and lots of showings since the listing photos look amazing with our home staging and styling.

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“Wow Factor”

We give your home instant ‘wow factor’ so prospective buyers form an emotional connection with your home the moment they walk through the door.

The Winnipeg Sun calls The Home Stylists "Winnipeg's Home Staging Experts"

We Style Homes to Sell

Knowing how to decorate a home and knowing how to “package” it to get it sold are two very different things.
"Wow Factor” is what helps buyers make an emotional connection with your home.

Staging isn’t about simply filling a home up with things – its about understanding buyer psychology and knowing how to effectively press a buyer’s ’emotional buttons”. Our job is to create the “merchandising and packaging” for your property so that buyers get excited. We combine our knowledge of buyer psychology, interior design and the Winnipeg real estate market to give your property “wow factor” from the moment buyers walk through the door. That “wow factor” is what helps buyers make an emotional connection with your home, and that leads to OFFERS. Remember the key take-away: Effective home staging is not just about filling a house with “stuff”, nor is it about making changes just for the sake of making changes. Its about understanding how to play up a home’s best features, downplay less desirable aspects, make spaces feel larger, create “wow factor” and make the house FEEL amazing from the moment prospective buyers walk in. While some home stagers take the approach of simply filling a house with ‘stuff’, we have the unique blend of marketing and merchandising expertise, along with design talent. that presses buyers buttons! Contact us today for the BEST VALUE in Winnipeg home staging.

  • Our staged homes look amazing in listing photos, and that gets viewings and brings buyers.

  • We combine a knowledge of design and buyer psychology to create an emotional connection.

  • Through strategic furniture selection and placement, we make your rooms look larger.

  • Our choices of furniture and accessories imply an appealing lifestyle that buyers associate with your house,

Home Staging That Gets *RESULTS*

We'll turn the home you want to sell into the home they want to BUY. Home staging increases the perceived value and appeal of the home you're selling. Staged homes sell on average for 20% higher prices and the ROI on staging is 584% according to Real Estate Industry statistics. Our own track record often exceeds those figures. Selling a home in Winnipeg? Home Staging is your competitive advantage. Call us for a free quote on staging your property: 204-390-8979

Styling Consultation

We’ll identify what needs to be done to stage your house for sale. This may involve a few fixes or upgrades, rearranging your existing furnishings, bringing a few new items in – or in the case of a vacant home, furnishing and accessorizing the entire house.
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We’ll work with your existing furniture and do some styling to make the rooms of your home appear larger and flow better. There is usually some editing involved, whereby we remove some items to create a visually cleaner look and avoid distractions. We may bring in a few items to ramp up the wow factor.
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When working with your existing decor and furnishings, sometimes just a few new & carefully selected accessories are all it takes to give your home a fresh, modern look with a punch of wow factor. We have items available for rent very affordably to minimize your costs.
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Full Home Staging

We offer full home staging services in Winnipeg, including furniture rental for vacant homes. We’ll style your home with the right decor, art, accessories and furniture to help buyers visualize living in it; make spaces seem larger; and imply an appealing lifestyle.

Home Sold in 2 Days

Our client Ed Nisby credits the work we did in staging his Winnipeg home with this rapid sale in the middle of a January deep freeze.

We'll Turn the House You Have... into the Home Buyers Want to BUY.

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See the difference our staging makes! We get RESULTS.

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